around the world enroute to dakar

“You only live once,” said mechanical engineer Lyndon Poskitt to himself, and gave up a 17-year career and all his worldly goods to realize a unique project he calls Races2Places. By the end of his global journey he will have traveled over 160,000 kilometers. But that’s not all: every chance he gets, he enters local races on his KTM.

Born December 15, 1978 in Yorkshire, UK, Lyndon first climbed aboard a motorcycle at age 10. He was drawn like a magnet to anything mechanical or associated with engineering. He followed this fascination, launching a mechanical engineering career with British Aerospace (BAE) after completing a university degree in 2003. The job allowed him to pursue his passion for motorcycle racing. Trial, enduro, motocross, supermoto, or even street racing – you name it, he’s tried it. Racing in the Baja 1000 in 2007 unleashed a new fascination with traveling under racing conditions.

Combining world travel with motorcycle racing. In May 2014, Lyndon climbed onto Basil, his converted KTM 690, and started out for Greece, where he immediately took part in the Hellas Rally. On arrival he transformed his traveling bike into a racing machine, changing the tires and brake linings with his own hands and tuning the suspension for racing. He finished the race among the top ten in his category!

The journey continued, taking Lyndon through Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia over the next twelve months. After 30,000 kilometers on the road, Basil was again converted in Ulaanbaatar for the International Rally of Mongolia. Lyndon found he could always count on KTM’s dealer network. The suspension and shocks were adjusted for the eight-day rally and the KTM was put in tip-top shape. MOTOREX was along for the entire trip as technical partner for lubricants. The rally demanded everything Lyndon had to give as a rider and hands-on mechanic. His reward: second place in his category.

After South Korea and Japan, the journey continued to the far north of the American continent, from Alaska via Canada and Central America to the starting point of the rally in Asunción, Paraguay. Here, to comply with the rules of the Dakar race, Lyndon switched to a new MOTOREX-green racing bike. On January 2, 2017, he began the race in the Malle Moto class, in which riders are required to tackle the world’s longest rally – 9000 km – with neither a crew nor service team. Can’t wait to find out what place Lyndon will take when he crosses the finish line in Buenos Aires, Argentina on January 14, 2017? You can find daily updates on Lyndon's Facebook page via the below link!

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